“more comfortable during my sports”
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“more comfortable during my sports”


“I am very athletic, had a very high prescription and was limited by my glasses. I wasn’t able to wear my contacts as they bothered my eyes, took too long for my eyes to adjust and they were always a little off compared to my glasses because I have an astigmatism too. I would often leave the house to go play ringette, soccer or various other sports and realize I forgot to put my contacts in. So frustrating! Getting LASIK surgery has made a huge difference, and it didn’t even hurt! Now I have the freedom to join in with any activity without having to plan ahead and has allowed me to be more comfortable during my sports and daily life in general. I used to worry about my reaction in the event of an emergency (for example, if I was ever in a car accident and my glasses flew off my face, my first action would be to find my glasses because I would be useless otherwise). I no longer think about that and can jump into action if ever needed. Dr. Ron and the staff at Vivid are phenomenal and explained every step of the procedure.”

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Vanessa Cross, Kelowna BC


20 November

Home, Sports
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