“Opportunity To Swim…”
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“Opportunity To Swim…”


“I do wish that I would have had Laser Eye Surgery years ago. The personal touches at Vivid Laser Centre, the individual care and the overall TLC gives you a secure and safe feeling. It has given me confidence & a younger feeling of myself. My contacts would only give me relief for a few hours, and I was tired of the red indents, sores, and inflamed spots on my nose bridge. I wanted to experience the freedom from it all. I now have the opportunity to swim, go for walks, ski or snowmobile without having my glasses fog up or get wet. I can see everything now. I encourage anyone who is thinking of it to do it now, don’t wait!!!! Thanking Vivid and all the staff ever so much for a new beginning and freedom from wearing glasses.. Love it… Love it… Love it!”

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Mary MacDonald, Kelowna BC


20 November

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