love to read, play the piano…
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love to read, play the piano…

About This Project

“I had the misconception that I might not be a good candidate, but after talking to my optometrist I found out the opposite. The procedure has simplified my life in ways that may seem minor, but had become a real hassle. Over the last few years it’s become far more difficult to find the balance between distance and close up vision. I love to read, play the piano with music, and I’m at the computer a lot so I was forever squinting or trying to keep reading glasses available for those activities. If I had glasses with lenses that allowed for both, I only wore them at night because I need sunglasses for the sunny days! Now I can read both books and music well, and my distance vision is fantastic! I also LOVE waking up in the morning or even during the night and being able to see without feeling around to find my glasses! The one thing I would tell others to do is to talk to people who have had the surgery done and to talk to an optometrist who is knowledgeable about the procedure to see if it would work for them. If it’s the actual procedure that’s holding them back, I would tell them that it’s so quick with such amazing results that it’s worth it! Dr. Ron and the Vivid staff are knowledgable, professional, and very reassuring. I felt a bit nervous about the surgery, but the confidence I felt in the team at Vivid Laser really helped me be OK with doing it.”

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Rhonda Rogers, Kelowna BC

Hobbies, Home, Work
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