Wake-ups and snuggles
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Wake-ups and snuggles


“It’s a miracle! I thought it would be painful, but I would go through any amount of pain in order to be free of glasses for my kids sake. Middle of the night wake-ups and snuggles suck with glasses. Now I don’t worry about my glasses anymore. I can go swimming, open the oven door without my glasses fogging up and play care-free with my active kids. I can’t wait for the summer to come. I wanted to cry once I sat up from the table after the procedure and could see across the room, but I held back as I didn’t know if it was ok to cry so soon. The staff at Vivid did a great job keeping up the conversation to take my mind off the procedure, then it was over in what seemed like less than a minute. I’m going to start learning how to groom dogs and I no longer have to worry about my glasses falling off or being knocked off my face.”

Shared by:

Sabrina Liboiron, Kelowna BC


20 November

Hobbies, Home
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