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Patient Stories


“Do it! You won’t regret it. My husband had laser surgery and he was enjoying not having glasses, that was great incentive for me. I worried that it would not work, but the staff at Vivid Laser Centre were very helpful and made sure I was comfortable with my decision to go ahead. The staff answered my questions and encouraged me to try contacts a couple of times to see the results that the surgery would provide. It’s worth the freedom from glasses and contacts. It’s brought back the sparkle of life and I seem to want to try more things. I guess it’s helping me to be happier and less restricted. I feel like I’m younger I guess too. When I went to the movies I didn’t need glasses to see the movie clearly. Plus, I could sit anywhere I wanted. I can drive anywhere and read the street signs, admire nature, see the shapes of the clouds, people’s eye and so many things more clearly. You don’t realize the things you miss when you’re vision is limited.”
Jacquie Seifert, Kelowna BC

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