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Patient Stories


After developing an allergic reaction to contacts and several exceptionally annoying weeks of glasses, @careysimpson optometrist suggested laser eye surgery. “My pre-conceived notions such as the cost, possible complications and pain held me back, although I never really did any research to support those ideas. My boyfriend and I have discussed going to Peru to do the Machu Picchu hike for my 30th birthday in June, but I was worried about roughing it for 5 days with all the issues around contact lenses. Now we can actually go and I don’t have to worry about anything but beating him to the top! I didn’t consider any other clinics. I spent days pouring over online forums and comments and after a fair amount of digging, it was obvious that Vivid was the only place I trusted to perform the procedure. Even after a friend recommended another place, I couldn’t overlook all the positive comments I read, the credentials of Dr. Baldassare and the success rates at Vivid. I really want to emphasize how incredible I was treated by all the team at Vivid. I never felt like they were being pushy or impatient. There was no sales pitch, and the bedside manner exhibited by Dr. Baldassare was far beyond what I would expect from someone who treated several others on the day I came in. I always felt like a person at Vivid, not just a patient. You just can’t imagine how easy it is until you get it done for yourself.”
Unknown, Kelowna BC

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